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A Hard Day… and then Work All Night and Weekend on Your Dreams… A Nightmare?

You work all day and it’s a HARD day.

You come home.

You cook for the kids.

You cut the lawn.

You do the laundry.

You clean the house.

You trim the shrubs.

….and now it’s time to work on your dreams?

THAT is the reality of what most self appointed guru’s are asking you to live your life doing.

Here’s a fact:

It isn’t going to happen like that.

Not in real life.

One of the biggest reasons people feel unmotivated is because it seems too difficult to make the changes they want to see in their lives.

After doing all that…stuff, when you finally get a “free moment” isn’t it easier to sit back and do nothing, moan and groan about how awful everything is, and dwell in the river of mediocrity.

That IS what it feels like.

But it only feels easier to do that because we’ve gotten USED to doing that.

In truth, you are already working hard at staying right where you are.

How long have you been in the life situation you are in right now?

When you feel pain through 12 hours or more of the day, the last thing you are going to actually
Take action on is something new that is also uncomfortable. Face it. It’s much easier to think, “I deserve something good. Something fun.”

And that is true.

What you’ve been doing is like balancing on a fence. Momentum wants to pull you in one direction, while your exhaustion, fears or doubts are pulling you in another direction. It takes tremendous endurance to stay balanced between two powerful forces like that!

Since you’re already working hard at staying stationary, it is a mathematically simple matter to shift your focus and redirect your energies to begin moving forward. But emotionally?

WOW, it’s not so easy.

How to…?

It seems like a major leap to move from where you are to where you’d rather be. Like here’s you and here is the moon…

Take note. There is probably just ONE SIGNIFICANT THING that stands between you and your residential plumber las vegas ability to move forward. This one thing will be different for everyone, but review the most common reasons below and see which is happening in your life:


You’ve gotten it into your head that something bad will happen if you begin working toward what you want. You have a feeling of dread or doom, and you feel sure that you’ll somehow screw it up or fail. You don’t want to experience that feeling of failure, so you choose to not try at all.

You work all day to get where you are when you come home. Tired and paid. Now you are going to work at “success?” “Achievement?” You’re going to work hard at making something good happen in life but you don’t KNOW it’s going to happen?

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