A Way of Life

Buntal, a District Officer from Punggol, was walking from his house to the office early in the morning. His car was used by his wife who would be playing golf. Buntal thought of his past- how he managed to climb from the position of an office clerk to his present situation. Many years ago, he had a fight with one of his classmates, Chua, in the school, and was sacked by the principal. His greatest enemy was Chua, then a welfare officer in the Singapore Civil Service.

“Good morning Buntal, I have been transferred back to Singapore. Please allocate me a quarter,” Chua requested.

“Sure, ” Buntal answered with an icy stare.

The following day Chua came to sweep his quarter, which white ants and rots had taken off the front and the back doors. The windows and the ceilings were in shabby condition. Chua returned to request for a better quarter.

“Get out of my office or I’ll throw you out,” Buntal whose lips, hands, and legs were trembling, after a heated row yelled.

“Throw now,” Chua gazed at Buntal.

Buntal jumped up, pulling Chua by the collar and swung Chua out off the office. Because of this incident, Chua lost his job.

The public had begun to notice how Buntal courted the favours of the Governor. Rumours leaked out that one cold rainy afternoon the guard who looked after the golf course happened to have a peep when the clumsy governor was making love to this longhaired young lady in the clubhouse when she squealed and groaned with ecstasy. No wonder the governor was often playing golf during the office hours.

“I must climb higher,” Buntal told himself. “That bastard was saying that I became a convert to please the governor. Isn’t it an open secret that all the converts were the ones holding the higher positions?”

One night after a party the governor requested to sleep in Buntal’s house because of dizziness. The guest room was beautifully decorated, but one thing was missing, a woman. All the women had gone off with the other men. Buntal called a lady who was on a part time callout basis. Unfortunately, this lady’s husband just came back from the timber camp and would not Skrill dollar buy sell in bangladesh be gone until one month later. The ship, Kimanis berthed at 11 pm, and the woman’s husband reached home before 12 a.m. He came home for one month holiday with pay, after completing 12 months work in a jungle in Sabah. Sometimes, nature is against us. How does Buntal solve this problem? All the one-night stands on his list are occupied.

The poor bachelor could not go to sleep. He rolled left and right on the bed, his eyes were wide open. At last he walked into Buntal’s bedroom and tapped gently on the young lady’s face. She woke up. Not a word was spoken. She followed him to his room.

Both of them groaned and mourned with delight. Helen could not care if Buntal would wake up and find her in the room with the governor. Why should she? Had Buntal not spent most of his time with the other girls, even with his own office girls?

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