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Applications of Facial Recognition Biometrics

Facial recognition is a biometric software application which can identify a person through his/her digital image. Digital image here means the facial components of a person like lip size, cheekbone shape etc. They are primarily used for security reasons but current trends indicate its application in multiple spheres like online shopping, gaming etc.

How does it work?

Facial recognition works on the principle that the various face pointers are differentiated by the shape and size of the face. A facial recognition system identifies these differences as Nodal Points. Every human face has approximately 80 nodal points. These are measured in terms of:

Nose width
Lip size
Jaw line length
Eye socket depths
Distance between eyes
Cheekbone shape

The nodal points are then measured creating a numerical code known as Faceprint that represents the face in the database.

Some Applications

Since Facial Recognition System (FRS) is innovative and reliable, its use and applications are increasing with government and private firms backing it.

Financial Security

Banks and financial institutions are using this technology to remove the usual PIN and password protection methods which could be counterfeited. FRS can also safeguard vaults and deposit boxes against loots.


It helps verify the identity of shoppers and fastens the shopping and transaction process.


This serves as a stronghold against international terrorists who want to unleash terror in foreign soil. The effectiveness to identify a threat increases five-fold as it’s difficult for human eyes to identify people with just a photograph.

Law Enforcement

An FRS application includes acclaimed CABS-computerized arrest, booking system and child protection measures. This is used globally to recover missing and facial recognition door access exploited children. This helps verify molesters and traffickers.

Access Control

FRS can help identify a person on their identity claims. It eliminates the risk of people obtaining false keys and access cards.

Surveillance/scene analysis

FRS has the ability to extract, categorize and search for non-facial imagery like scars, tattoos, marks etc. The software is capable of identifying the exact people it wants to find in a crowd. It can analyze scenes from archived videos for the precise faces.

Homeland Defense

Homeland defense is a major part of a country’s development. Countries around the world are making sure that this system helps them prevent terrorists from boarding aircraft, protecting critical infrastructure like dams, temples, bridges, energy plants etc.

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