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Asbestos Surveys

asbestos survey

The importance of an asbestos survey is increased when a contractor begins work for any commercial construction project. A visual inspection alone is not sufficient to establish or confirm the presence or absence of asbestos fibres in certain building materials such as asbestos-containing insulation. Only a qualified Asbestos Surveyor, who carries out this procedure with expertise and professionalism, can accurately determine and measure asbestos in commercial building material. By law, most countries require a valid Asbestos Survey to be carried out on all suspected asbestos products.

Visual inspections cannot detect all the asbestos present in buildings. In order to find out asbestos concentrations in materials, contractors need to carry out an Asbestos Survey, which not only looks for asbestos fibres but also looks for other signs of asbestos contamination. When materials are newly constructed, they are likely to contain asbestos. Newly built properties may also contain asbestos due to the tendency for older buildings to contain asbestos as it is normally a natural occurring mineral occurring in older buildings.

If your property has been identified to contain asbestos, it will be necessary to carry out a qualified Asbestos Survey. An asbestos survey is undertaken after a contractor or other individuals claim that a particular building material contains asbestos, and after an inspection has found high levels of asbestos in the suspected areas. Prior to carrying out the survey, the consultant company will request information from the contractor or other people who suspect can contain asbestos. Contractors will usually provide information if requested by the consultant company.

There are different types of asbestos surveys. A subsurface survey is carried out in the ground and is mainly used to locate pipes in private buildings. Under surface surveys are usually conducted on new buildings. A qualified surveyor will use special equipment to detect any areas of concern. In some cases a special camera may be used to detect small particles of asbestos. If asbestos material is detected during the subsurface survey, a survey report will be provided to the contractors who may decide to remove the asbestos or may request it to be evaluated for removal via the EPA as a safe material.

Some companies choose to carry out the asbestos surveys themselves. This enables them to save money and reduces the risks to employees. However, when asbestos surveys are carried out by unqualified people, they can make inaccurate calculations or enter inaccurate data. Therefore, if you wish to have your asbestos surveys correctly completed, you need to find a qualified asbestos surveyor.

When carrying out asbestos surveys, the consultants or surveyors will also have to consider the protective measures that need to be put in place. Surveys must be planned in advance to avoid disruption to the construction site. The survey must allow access for technicians and experienced workers who can work the required areas. Site preparation involves removing materials and debris that may need to be removed from the area. It also involves finding safety equipments in such a way that they do not cause any harm to those who will be working nearby.

Structural engineers are usually consulted to plan the survey. If you are planning to carry out the asbestos survey yourself, you should find out if structural engineering services are available for the area where you want to conduct the survey. Professional help from structural engineers is needed to deal with any problems that arise during the survey. These professionals will evaluate the building’s stability and also the health of the staff working in the offices located in the area. They will also take samples of different materials located in the buildings for laboratory examination.

Before taking up a job as an asbestos surveyor, you should find out the particular requirements of the company you are working for. You should also look into the regulations and standards set for this type of work. The main regulations to be considered are those set by the Health and Safety Executive. An asbestos survey should be done according to the designated schedule. The schedule will determine how long the surveyor will spend on the premises and the types of materials he or she will handle during the visit.

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