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Comparing Study Materials for Oracle Certification Exams

When studying for an Oracle Certification test, there are many different sources that you can use CISM exam . Which one is the best to use is less about the source than the person doing the studying. Someone who has never used Oracle needs different materials than an experienced Oracle DBA. In order to pick the right study materials, you must consider your knowledge level and what you expect to gain from them.

Sources of study material will have a certain degree of focus on the test. That focus will range from none at all to a total focus on the exam topics. It may seem that materials that focus completely on the exam are the best ones to use, but this is not always the case. Oracle certification tests are designed to cover a broad range of topics, but they do not cover everything an Oracle professional needs to know for their daily work.

If you already know how to do the day-to-day work for the given skill being tested, focusing completely on the test topics is likely a good idea. However, if you are using the certification as a means to learn a new skill, focusing just on the test topics is liable to leave you with gaps in your knowledge. As an example, several study sources for a particular test: “1Z0-052: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I” are listed below in order from least focused to most focused. Most Oracle certifications will have a similar set of resources available.

The Oracle documentation consists of dozens of manuals. While you can be confident that every single question on a certification exam can be answered somewhere in the documentation, using it as a study source is a very time-consuming process. 1Z0-052 will have information spread among the Administrator’s Guide, the Installation Guide, the Concepts Manual, the Net Services Administrator’s Guide, the Performance Tuning Guide, and more. Despite the fact that it is slow, this is one of the most rewarding methods of studying for the test because of the familiarity you’ll gain about the documentation in the process.

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