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Delaware State Capitol Names Change

The Delaware State Capital is considering the nerve center of all government business in Delaware. Every major decision is made here and much of that is by way of the state capital news release. It is a very large newspaper, though it is not the largest, in the State of Delaware. As with any newspaper there can be problems with deadlines and missing information but it is still one of the most widely read newspapers in the country.

When it comes to the state capitol, there are two versions to choose from, a special version for that particular delaware state capitol namesession and an ordinary version that are used for all other sessions. Since the regular capitol name is not allowed to be used for any official proceedings, it is best to choose a different name now and move forward. There is no sense in having a capitol that doesn’t meet the needs of the people.

Because of the special circumstances involving the capitol, some people believe that it is better to change the name of the capitol than to wait until the General Assembly reconvenes and reintroduces the General Session after the current session is complete. Why would this be done? Well there are a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with the quality of the institution itself. The most important reason is that the current capitol has already been named and the General Session is now scheduled to begin. Unless some drastic changes are enacted, the people of Delaware will have no say in the name.

Some people also argue that if the state cannot change its name, then the court system oversees its role and the state fails to protect its interest in the name. The original intent of the constitution was to prevent the courts from changing the name of the institution without judicial authorization. The problem is that no such authorization exists and the courts have no role in changing the name. The Delaware Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that it is not the role of the court to name or change the capitol. The state has a unique situation because the General Assembly actually passed a bill to change the name of the capitol, but the courts blocked the bill from becoming law. In short, we are stuck in an extraordinary situation where the General Assembly cannot pass a law or the courts have been given the power to change the name.

If the state had named its capitol exactly as it is, the situation would be different. However, since that is not the case, the only option available is to change the name. This would certainly have a temporary effect on the public image of the state, but it does not affect the fundamental nature of the institution itself. Changing the name of the capitol is a small cost compared to the cost that would be involved in re-electing the legislature. And, if the citizens of Delaware decide that they want to keep the capitol name, that is their choice.

What about the charter schools in Delaware? They chose their names based on criteria established by the state. Those criteria were approved by the General Assembly. Charter schools throughout the state were named as a way to motivate parents to enroll their children in the public school system. It was also important for the charter schools to name their facilities after the state capitol. Unfortunately, the charter schools changed their name and the state’s official website no longer portrays the capitol as the location where those schools are located.

What can you do? You can call your state representative and politely ask him or her to change the name of the capitol to something a little less obvious to the general public. Your legislators may not even want to get involved in this issue, but you should do everything you can to help. If the General Assembly tries to pass a bill to change the name of the capitol, then you should boycott that session. Every time that happens, you will have another opportunity to call your state representative to voice your opinion.

Hopefully this won’t become an ongoing issue, as many assume that changing the name of the capitol automatically changes the charter schools in Delaware. But if it does become an issue, you should make sure that you know exactly which name was used. When you go to vote, you should note that Capitol Building you’re in. Hopefully, someday that will be a requirement for all State Buildings!

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