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Do Pets Really Go to the Bathroom? – Pet Bathroom Fundamentals 101

Have you ever heard a pet owner say, “My dog or cat just went to the bathroom.” And you kinda looked at them funny thinking to yourself, Fido just took a poop, but did he really go to the bathroom? As strange as it may seem, some pets really do go to the bathroom. I once read a story in the book entitled “Animal House Style” about cats that can really use the human toilet and there are numerous stories of dogs that are trained to routinely use the shower stall or bathtub to go to the bathroom if their owners are not around, which would make for a much easier clean up than on your pristine white imported carpet. Some pet owners put a Pee-Pee pad down on their tiled shower floor so that their pet knows its OK to go there, especially if it’s cold outside and you and your pet don’t want to face the wrath of Mother Nature.

It has been readily observed that a lot of pets especially dogs use the bathroom as a refuge or shelter because it offers a cool quiet place to relax when your pet is unnerved 狗沖涼 or stressed such as in a lightening storm. Some dogs routinely drink from the toilet bowl, so make sure you do not use an automatic bowl cleaner in your toilet tank and when you do have to clean it, use an eco friendly cleaner such as Bon Ami. Just remember to flush repeatedly until all the cleaning suds have been flushed down the drain. And it would make sense to leave the toilet seat up for those breed of dogs tall enough to get their snout in the toilet bowl, just in case Fido’s watering bowl is empty and you are not around.

Not all pets like the cool solitude of the bathroom, tropical parrots for example prefer the hot humid aftermath of a steamy bath or shower. Cats on the other hand usually prefer the bathroom sink to curl up as a relaxing elevated perch to settle down in. So remember to keep your sink free of toothpaste and excessive moisture so your favorite Kitty is not uncomfortable and does not eat or track toothpaste and moisture all over your house. And keep in mind if you don’t have a back yard or you don’t want to go outside, that the sink and bathtub are also great places to give your pet a bath. Avoid using human shampoo on your pet because it will dry out and even damage your pet’s skin. As an alternative you can use a mild baby shampoo if you have temporarily run out of animal grooming products. If on the other hand your pet hates to bathe or you just can’t find the time, you may have to resort to a qualified grooming agency and lucky for you, some even do house calls so you don’t have to get your hands dirty, so to speak.

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