Electric Scooter Mania

One of the most popular toys of the 21st century has been the electric kids scooters. Since the invention of the original foot powered scooter in the 1920s, they have been sought after as a halfway house between the push bike and skateboard. The modern ‘Razor’ scooter was invented by a Taiwanese engineer who found walking around his large bicycle factory too time consuming. Since then the design has been developed to include electric or petrol motors and in some cases removable seats.

Storm Kids Scooter

The Storm is a competitively priced kids scooter with a 120 Watt electric motor capable of running at up to 8 KPH and 3.5 KPH in reverse. The pneumatic tyres make for a smooth ride, even when mounting curbs. The twist throttle is similar to the throttle on a motorbike and the motor can be turned on or off from a switch. It also includes a removable seat and side stand. Comprehensive instructions make it easy to assemble and the handlebar height is adjustable. They can support a rider weighing up to 70 KG and can run for up to 2 hours (depending on the weight of the rider and gradient of the surface they are ridden on).

Razor e100 Kids Scooter

This new addition to the range of Razor scooters is powered by two 12 Volt batteries and the motor electric skateboard wheels drives the extra durable polyurethane rear wheel using a chain. It also has a twist throttle and is capable of achieving up to 16 KPH. The maximum recommended rider weight for this model is 60 KG. The weight of the actual scooter is just over 13 KG. When this scooter is fully charged it should run for around 40 minutes.

Scooter Care

Electric kids scooters need very little maintenance however, as with all electrical equipment it is best to store them in a dry place. As they tend to be used less in winter months it is recommended that electric scooters are charged and tested every month or so to keep the batteries at maximum capacity.


All electric scooters include a charger which will have the appropriate fitting for the country it was purchased in. Charge times vary depending on the battery size but generally 12 hours should fully charge a flat scooter battery.


Safety is a great concern for parents when their children use outdoor toys and scooters are no exception. To ensure that your child has as much fun as possible a helmet, knee and elbow pads should be worn at all times when using kids scooters.

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