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Fast Twitch Muscle Workout – How To Develop Your Fast Twitch Fibers

Finding a fast twitch muscle workout that works these explosive muscle fibers is essential if you want to see improvement in your vertical jump training and overall improvements in your speed and agility.

The fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for providing quick reflex reactions that require large amounts of force – jumping, first step quickness, and sprinting. They differ from slow twitch in their ability to perform without utilizing oxygen, hence why they can react so quickly…however, they can last at peak performance for around 30-45 seconds before they need a rest, so bear this in mind.

Understanding that to develop your fast muscle fibers you need to focus on the tempo that you are performing exercises is integral to setting up your fast twitch muscle workout.

Before I give you a sample fast twitch muscle workout, let me just tell you some things to consider first.

Allow Recovery Time Between Sets and Workouts

Training your fast muscles can be very taxing on your body and so it is essential that you don’t perform fast twitch muscle workouts on back-to-back days – allow at least one full day’s rest between workouts.

This is extremely important, since the fast twitch fibers are the quickest to fatigue and a fast twitch workout can be very hard on the CNS (Central Nervous System) too. Not allowing these muscle fibers adequate rest between workout sessions means that they will be unable to produce maximum force, which will compromise your results, and also your playing ability.

Also, make sure you rest longer between sets during the workouts, since these fibers need time to utilize high energy compounds and perform optimally.

Single Leg Exercises

Aim to make single leg exercises a part of your workouts since being on leg increases instability and effectively makes you “weaker”, forcing you to work harder and get better results from your twitch muscles.

Don’t do only single leg btc twitch exercises, mix it up so you strike a nice balance between single and double leg exercises.

Sample Fast Twitch Muscle Workout

The following workout is designed to develop lower body strength and the fibers that are required for vertical jumping. Don’t do this workout more than 3 times per week (and avoid doing it on game days since you may compromise your playing ability…and you don’t want the coach on your back!)

Leg Press – Tempo: 3-2-1 – 5 reps X 3 sets / 3 minutes rest between sets

Single Leg Full Squat (without weight) – Tempo: 2-1-2 – 5-10 reps X 2 sets / 1 minute rest

Single Leg Split Squat – Tempo: 3-2-1- – 8 reps X 2 sets / 2 minutes rest between sets

Jump Squats – (done to tempo that feels comfortable) – 10 reps X 3 sets / 1 minute rest between sets

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