Firefighter Costumes

Seeing someone in a Firefighter costume spreads joy and inspiration to other people. It is fun to know that somebody in the bunch decided to characterize himself as a real life hero. Most of all, little ones who dream to be a firefighter someday will be thrilled. Kids, who are so excited to put on their own firefighter uniform, carry some emergency equipment and save the day.

Full gear firefighting outfits include retardant suits, helmets, oxygen tanks and masks. As they say, a true nylon fire radio strap. firefighter doesn’t limit his duty just to extinguish destructive fires. He is one extra ordinary person who takes initiative and action saving people’s life from danger or any other emergency calls. Firefighters are true heroes our society can be proud of. Perhaps the serious image of a firefighter, ironically, sets an edge to amuse the party’s crowd.

Firefighter outfits come in various styles and sizes, from infant, to toddler, to adult costumes. The fire retardant suit is the basic component in this costume. It usually includes yellow suit with suspenders, and a jacket to cover the upper body. When not at fire zone, the outfit only includes tee shirt and paramedic pants. The common footwear is boots. Make your outfit realistic by carrying tools such as axe or hose. A hard protective helmet will definitely top it off.

Firefighter costume for kids

Becoming a firefighter is what most boys dream to become when they grow up. Wearing firefighter costume can somehow suit their curiosity and let them experience how it feels to be in one of those blazing uniforms. Further their excitement! Besides, this costume is easy to put together and your little firefighter will be set in no time. It’s best to consider over-alls with elastic straps. Don’t miss the jacket and pair of boots. Put on a helmet and inflatable axe or fire extinguisher to give your little one extra excitement and confidence.

Adult Costume For women

Who says Firefighter costumes are strictly for men? When worn by a woman, this masculine costume will certainly create a totally unique impression-in a good way though. A stylish woman has always the option to wear this costume and make it sizzling hot. You can spice up the party by customizing this outfit, don’t conceal your waist. Flaunt your curves! One great idea is to wear the costume in a zip-up dress made with thick red material and a fireman’s patch at waist. The cut flares at the waist to further electrify a womanly figure. Put on a pair of sexy black fishnets and black boots. It’s totally unique and interesting way to spice up your own firefighter costume.

These costumes will surely satisfy anyone’s flight of imagination of becoming a firefighter in style. You have the choice of sticking with basic firefighter outfit and represent a highly regarded hero in the society, or as a firefighter stylish chic, either way, have fun with your outfit and enjoy the party.

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