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Functions of Online Blogs

With numerous readers, blogs have become hugely popular as an entertainment portal, for news and for business purposes all at the same time. Blogs are gradually becoming very important in everyday news. We have seen in the past that blog posts have affected the political scenario of a country. Blogs gained popularity especially after 1998. Before blogs many forms of digital communication was popular including Usenet. But this was not popular with the masses as it was very expensive. Online blogbecame popular with open diary and later with Live journal. But is chiefly responsible for its popularity in the post 1999 period. The website was largely renovated after it was purchased by Google in 2003, making it even more popular with the masses. Online blog can be of different types; these include text blogs, which is the most popular mode of blogging. Text blogs are basically articles or posts which are posted by the author of the blog. A blog page may include pictures, videos etc. There are blogging websites on the internet; these are also called blog hosting websites. These sites provide the basic structure of a blog in which the user may make changes as per his wishes. Blogging can also take the shape of an online open diary. Many celebrities are into blogging in order to interact with their fans without much hustle.

A very important and essential part of a blog is the readers. Thus, the views of the readers are given due importance. For this reason blogs often contain places to put comments, suggestions, complaints etc. An online blog can also be used as an SEO or a search engine optimizer for a website . This is in order to popularize a website in search engines. The blog may contain links that takes the reader to the homepage of the original site. In this case it must be noted that the subject of the blog must be in accordance to the subject of the original website. More number of times the user is directed to the author’s website, more traffic it gets. This makes it even more popular in the search engines. There are a few tips that can be followed in order to increase the popularity of the online blog and the original website at the same time. The articles of the blog must contain material pertaining to the subject of the website. The articles should also carry enough links in order to direct the reader to the website. Though the articles are for the purpose of increasing the popularity of the website; it shouldn’t sound like an advertisement of the website.

There are a few rules for writing articles for an online blog and to make them interesting. Articles should be short and should contain enough material to interest the reader. The heading and subheadings are another important factor. The headlines should be interesting enough to draw the attention of the reader. It should be straightforward and simple. It is advisable to follow the reverse pyramid structure and put the conclusion in the beginning of the article.

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