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Get a Great Look With the Gothic Jewellery Trend

Are you a Goth or just love the recent Gothic trend? The Gothic style is all about expressing your individuality! A great way to show your personality is to add a touch of glamour to your look with Gothic jewellery.

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An interesting part of this trend is that there is such variation in the style. Popular styles you’ll find range from simple pentagram pendants, punk inspired spiked bracelets to the dramatic drop necklaces adorned with skulls, crystals, roses and beads buy gold in abu dhabi . The key to this trend is to explore various styles to find your own look.

If you wear jewellery on a daily basis you may be looking for subtle jewellery influenced by the Gothic style. Wearing a pentagram set of a necklace and earrings will be right on trend and are great for giving your outfit an interesting twist. Celtic jewellery also works well for a simple but statement look. An item of jewellery of sterling silver with a pretty design can brighten up a simple outfit.

A decorative and dramatic evening look is when the romantic and creative side of the Gothic fashion really comes into its own. There are wonderful designs available that will make sure you stand out. A necklace with decorative drops, hearts, ribbon, skulls and intricate design work will create a head-turning look. One statement piece of jewellery can work wonders and transform a basic outfit.

Did you know that your choice of jewellery bracelet can say a few things about yourself, such as your lifestyle and your personality? If you are familiar with the adage “The clothes make the man,” it may be of interest to you to know that the same can be said about the jewellery that you wear.

There are so many styles and designs available for a jewellery bracelet. They even come in different sizes as well. Many of these styles and designs speak to some women, but not to others. What does your own bracelet say about you? Here are a few common bracelet styles and what clues they give about the woman who wears them.

1. Celtic bracelets. The ancient Celts were known for their deep connection to nature, and it shows in the style of Celtic jewellery that they left behind for us. Celtic bracelets, whether they are gold or silver bracelets, always feature knot-work or nature motifs in their design. A woman who likes Celtic designs for her jewellery bracelet may have a deep sense of the past and has a strong sense of connection with nature. She can also be a romantic, with a high level of imagination and an artistic bent.

2. Charm bracelets. The typical style of charm bracelets that you will find are either gold or silver bracelets with chain links where you can attach tiny charms of different types. It depends entirely upon you what kind of charms you want to put on your bracelet, and there are many different charms available for you to choose from. It can be said that a woman who likes customising and wearing a charm jewellery bracelet is a woman who likes her soft and romantic side, is creative and imaginative, and is not hesitant to express herself in various ways.

3. Slim bangles. Bangles often evoke the image of the gypsy woman with her colourful attire, her wild hair and her untamed spirit. The bangles on her arms clink together in a delightful and enchanting manner whenever she moves and especially when she dances. A slim, silver bangle on a woman’s arm, usually a set of them, can suggest that she is a person with a free spirit, bold and daring, and entirely proud of her femininity.

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