9 Easy Ways to Increase Online Conversions

So you’ve built a great website with professionally designed graphics, user-friendly navigation and compelling content. But instead of the steady stream of traffic and purchases you Data

were expecting, you’re not even getting a trickle.

So what gives?

Too many entrepreneurs and small business owners have an “If you build it, they will come” mentality. They think that building something that looks nice is all they need to do to attract buyers.

The truth is that creating a website, no matter how visually appealing, isn’t even half the battle.

The hardest work comes after your site is up and running, when it’s time to market your product or service, engage potential customers and convert them into leads and sales.

Whether you’re struggling to get eyes on your offerings, build your list, or want to grow your sales, these tips will help you effectively utilize the best marketing tool you have: your website.

1. Look under the hood.

Is there something technically wrong? There are many wannabe developers out there who don’t understand what it takes to build a robust, responsive site.

Follow the path a customer would take from the time they land on your home page, throughout the whole buying process. There could be an error message when you try to put a certain product in your shopping cart, or a 404 page where your shipping and returns info should be.

Be sure to check your site on several different browsers and devices too, ensuring the responsiveness looks good everywhere and not just on the typical browser you use.

Checking your site speed is a good place to start. If a page takes forever to load, people aren’t going to wait around.

2. Pay close attention to your headline.

The average web surfer who’s using a search engine visits approximately 25 sites in only 3-4 minutes. That’s not much time to grab someone’s attention.

To increase online conversions and grow your sales:

  • Avoid saying “Welcome to my website… ” or other fluffy space-wasters. You don’t want to spend your precious seconds on words that don’t encourage visitors to take action.
  • Be short and sweet. Your headline is not the place to cram in every detail. Focus on 6-12 words that contain your target keywords to capture interest.
  • Get descriptive. Using a thesaurus is the perfect way to come up with some different ways of saying things that will tap into people’s emotions. Think beyond words like “good” and “great” and get your visitors excited.

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