How to Become a Project Manager

To begin with, let’s outline some of the ways an IT professional can become a project manager. Generally, IT professionals start in an entry-level position, in a technical role, one that is very hands on with technology PMP certification .

The next step depends on many factors such as the individual, the company they work in and the job market at the time. Most of the time, the next step is to move into a team leader position. This will give you a little more responsibility, and will help you work on your communication skills and management, both skills required by managers.

This could be a software developer, tester, network engineer, or other similar roles. They generally get some experience in this role to learn how the IT industry works, how the company operates, and what the job role involves.

Now, the path I outlined is only a general one. Your experiences and opinions may vary – which is actually a good thing! Having different paths to the same goal is another reason why IT is such a good industry.

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