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How to Buy Wholesale Mink Lashes

Getting the perfect lash requires some know how and plenty of time. A visit to one of the major lash distributors will save you time and money. New volumizing, firming, lengthening and brightening lash styles from some of the best lash vendors are available now through online ordering and mail-in rebates. You can order the style you want and they will ship it to you with no fuss. Most of the vendors also offer lash make up tips that are simple and easy to follow.

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Lash distributors have been a great source of good quality lash for many years. Mink fur is always in fashion and these lashes are made to look like the real thing. They are hypoallergenic and are great for all skin tones. Mink fur is a byproduct of the wool industry and these lashes have been tested for irritations and have shown no adverse reactions.

If you have never seen mink lash then it is very different in texture and color. The texture is more waxy than other lashes. Mink hair has high moisture content and is one of the hardest and most durable natural hairs on the planet. Mink fur and lashes are often described as having the ability to wither and almost disappear when they get old.

There are many benefits to buying lashes from mink lash vendors wholesale and not from a department store. First, you get a much wider variety of lashes. You can choose colors, textures, lengths and even make ups so there is something for everyone. There are no minimum orders to meet so you are free to mix and match and there are no restrictions on the type or brand name of lash you buy.

Another benefit is the wide price range. Mink lashes are available in almost every lash style imaginable and are sold at some of the most competitive prices around. You can choose from styles such as eyelash extensions, single lash extensions, multiple lashes and even full lash coverage. The minimum order quantity for most lashes is five, which is a good starting point for people who are new to this type of product. The 25mm wide blades can cover large areas and can be used to enhance your natural eyelashes as well as achieve a dramatic look.

Some of the lashes are lined so that they can be used in any color under the sun, but if you choose to have your lashes lined then you must be sure to use only those colors that are recommended for lined lashes. The best thing about the 25mm wide blades is that they can be used every day with absolutely no risk of damage or irritation. Even if you apply them with a fine toothed comb they will not scratch or irritate your eyes.

The best place to buy mink lashes is online. There are plenty of online stores selling these lashes and there are some manufacturers who specialize in this line. You can find websites selling the Mink lash products that are made with high quality European hairs. Mink hair is one of the highest quality hairs available and it is also completely natural. These are not cheap imitations of human hair and the real thing cannot be produced in bulk so the prices tend to be very expensive. However, buying genuine mink lashes from a reliable online store is a very worthwhile investment.

If you do decide to buy in bulk then you should definitely check out the prices at some of the online wholesale Mink lash vendors. Prices can vary greatly between vendors, but you will certainly find something that suits your budget. Wholesale Mink lashes can be shipped in special packaging to ensure that your shipment reaches you on time and in pristine condition and the best place to find the best deals on these lashes is the Internet.

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