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How to Remove Makeup

Compared with knowing how to do makeup, removing makeup seems more important. As Master Shu Uemura once said:” Perfect skin starts form cleaning”, cleansing can be regarded as the key of skin care. If you girls think that it is enough to just wash makeup off, then you really get it wrong.

Makeup remover can not only remove makeup, but also effectively help remove dust accumulated in your skin. If you do not pay attention to this step, you will not have a nice and high-quality sleep, let alone the effects of superior cosmetics and skin care.

Do the cleansing immediately after you get home every day, which can restore the clean and dry situation of skin. And this can also make skin absorb skin care products more reusable makeup remover pads easily. If cleansing is not done thoroughly, then no matter how advanced your essence serum is, it can not bring perfect or ideal effects.

For girls who are always too busy, effective cleansing is the most suitable method. And it is the right cleansing method that creates beautiful skin for you.

Dip a little makeup remover with cotton pads. Then cover eyes and lips with cotton pads. Wipe gently after 10 to 15 seconds. Besides, remember to use cotton swabs if you want to clean small parts.

Girls who are in favor of soft facial cleansing cream can choose milk-type or emollient-type cleanser. Do not wash the cleanser immediately after you just smear it. On the contrary, you should let the cleanser dissolve dust in the skin pores thoroughly. Finally, you can wash it under the help of toner and water.

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