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Leave the Stress Behind With Tenerife Holidays

With more than five million tourists opting for Tenerife holidays every year, it is clear how important the industry is to the largest of the Canary Islands. For decades now, Tenerife has taken full advantage of its close proximity to the North African coast, and the year-round warm, dry weather that brings with it.

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Tenerife also has a large number of beaches, many of which are made from black sand, due to the Canary Islands’ volcanic origins. However, given many tourists’ penchant for golden beaches, many new artificial beaches have been created, using sand dredged from the bottom of the Mediterranean or imported from the Sahara.

The variety of the island’s beaches is reflected in the many different activities – and inactivities(!) – that can be found on them. Some beaches specialise in relaxation, like Los Cristianos – Tenerife’s central beach resort – and Playa de Troya Bán nhà phố Rio Vista Quận 9 . The beach at Playa de Troya is the centre point for many Tenerife holidays, with shallow seas that are perfect for children and the chance to take part in a variety of water sports, if you ever get tired of simply lounging in the sunshine.

Still near the centre of the island, those who want a beach with golden sands have the excellent option of Playa de las Vistas, one of the beaches composed of sand from the seabed. All of these beaches are surrounded by natural windbreaks and within wandering distance of a mouth-watering selection of restaurants and bars.

Towards the north of Tenerife is the snorkelling and diving paradise of La Caleta, a small, pebbly beach whose seas are teeming with fascinating wildlife. This becomes a bonus when you realise that some of it travels a short distance to the excellent seafood restaurants in the area.

Tenerife holidays offer this all-year round, but for the most spectacular time of the year, why not visit in February for the world famous Carnival of Santa Cruz, which is based upon the even more world famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Santa Cruz is Tenerife’s capital and, naturally, is twinned with Rio.

The carnival takes place before the start of Lent in Santa Cruz. More than a million people gather in the town for the event, which kicks off on the Friday night with a dazzling fancy dress parade. The carnival gathers pace after that – taking a pick of numerous musical and dance shows, before it officially ends on Ash Wednesday, with a somewhat odd ceremony which literally translates as “The Burial of the Sardine”.

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