London To Dubai: A Complete Guide

London is one of the leading tourist attractions of the world. It has world famous parks, museums and palaces of architectural and historical significance. The world famous British museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, deal with subjects TV advertising in I like science and history. There are many fascinating places to visit in London, witness to epic events down the pages of history. Westminster Abbey is one of the greatest architectural wonders in London. Many famous people like Sir Isaac Newton and King Henry III were buried here. Birmingham Palace and Kensington Palace have a great sense of history about them and are beautifully constructed.

Besides history, London is well known the world over for its theatres, which are the home of musicals, shows, ballet performances and opera. London was recognized as the “World’s leading destination” at the 2010 World Travel Awards, beating the popular holiday destinations of New York and Sydney.

Dubai is another great tourist attraction. The kind of rapid development that Dubai has seen in recent years has made it one the major tourist attractions of the world. It is aptly called the ‘City of Gold’ due to its flourishing gold market. It has one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas in the world, the popular Annual Shopping Festival. Dubai’s skyline is marked by huge sky scrapers, with the Burj Khalifa being the tallest building in the world. There are plenty of flights from London to Dubai to choose from. Here are a few options to choose from.

London to Dubai: A Look at Flight Options

You need the best deals when flying from London to Dubai, two of the most historic, adventurous and fun packed cities of the world. Travel experts can help with their knowledge of the culture and tourist attractions of the two cities. They can also help you get the best deals for airline tickets and hotel reservations.

Aer Lingus connects Dubai directly from the UK and ranks among the best options. EasyJet and RyanAir are the two major airlines that also connect Dubai to the European countries. British Airways offers not stop flights to and from Dubai. The Emirates is another airline with flights from London to Dubai and back. Virgin Atlantic flies from Heathrow, London to various destinations in the Middle East.

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