Men’s Beautiful Watches for Punctual Professionals

The wristwatch is a relatively new addition to timekeeping. For more than three centuries, the most popular portable timepiece was the pocket watch. Introduced in the 16th century, it soon became an indispensable accessory for European gentlemen. But all that changed when the winds of war blew once again. World War I on the Western Front brought a new kind of combat.

It was called trench warfare and it was not only extremely violent, but also quite messy. As you might imagine, pocket watches didn’t last long in that environment. They were either lost in the mud and muck, or they broke in pocket. As a result, the wrist watch soon gained a loyal following.Because citizen watches for sale they had to plan and coordinate attacks, officers were issued wristwatches during the war. The watches became so popular that they were often called “trench watches.”

By the end of the war, the wristwatch had replaced the pocket watch as the fashion accessory of choice for gentlemen. Of course, these timepieces were still considered luxury item and most men could not afford them. It was not until the 1970s that wristwatches became an affordable accessory.The so-called Quartz Revolution introduced the world to inexpensive electronic watches that were not handcrafted by old-world artisans. They were accurate, easy to use and cheap.

Where are we now? Wristwatches are probably the most popular male accessory. Men aren’t big on jewelry. But watches are a different issue. You see, they are functional. They tell time. That gives a guy the excuse he needs to wear a more elaborate, decorative watch. In this article we will review a few of the most popular watches for young professionals.

What to Look for?

The watch you wear says a lot about your style. As a general rule, a work watch should not be made of plastic or rubber. It should have real watch hands, not an LCD display. Some type of animal hide or metal should be used on the band and the watch cover should be made of crystal.

Swiss Army Master II

Whether you are working at an ad agency, on Wall Street or at a bank, you will need a watch that keeps good time and has some style. Swiss Army is a name that screams precision and dependability. Not to mention the fact that their timepieces are quite distinctive. The Master II gives you the choice of sporty silver bracelet or an elegant black leather band.

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