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When someone is looking for the perfect movie clip they will come across a million different versions of the same clip. They may end up searching for a movie clip from their favorite movie or a movie that they saw but never got around to recording. While there are some people who enjoy making their own movie clip it is much easier and more convenient to use one of the many video editing software packages that are available today. There are many different functions that can be incorporated into the movie clip and it is very easy to make changes as the need arises. Making your own movie clip will provide you with a memory that will last forever. Here are just a few of the many movie clip creation tools that are available today.

Microsoft PowerPoint – The movie clip class in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is perfect for creating movie clips and it can be accessed online. This is the industry standard presentation program and is also used by many business people across the world. There are a multitude of functions that are featured in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can insert text, create a slide show, change the layout, add graphics, transitions and a lot more. There are many types of clip art that can be used as well in order to customize the look of your PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Quicktime – If you need to save a movie clip and do not want to convert it to a flash document, Microsoft Quicktime can be your saving grace. With Quicktime you can record in the movie clips, then convert to a flash document, saving precious time. In addition to converting to a flash document Quicktime also allows you to edit and delete the movie clips as well.

Adobe Elements 3.5 – If you are looking for a powerful and versatile application that can perform complex tasks, you should check out Adobe Elements. Elements offers a complete range of software tools for the movie clips and you can get started with the free trial version. Elements has several features which make it very powerful. It includes the Timeline based drawing tools, the Element Inspector, the cloning tools, the pinch-to-drag tools, the Radial Menu tool, the Lasso tool and the Polygon view. This program also contains a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts which makes working with Elements easy.

Actionscript 3.5 – This is a new version of Actionscript that incorporates the XML format for creating movie clips. It enables the user to update the movie clip when the user wants to. Actionscript 3.5 is a stand-alone program and does not require any plug-ins or downloads to run. It allows you to create and save movie clips in almost all formats such as AVI, MPG and MPEG-2 videos. It also features a library manager and several thumbnail enhancements. It has an interface which is quite similar to that of Photoshop.

Aviyn Digital Video Maker – Aviyn is a movie clip maker which is available free. This is a simple to use movie clip maker that creates a movie clip in an easy to manage movie clip timeline. You can add text and other objects to the movie clip with the help of the text and object edit features of Aviyn. The built-in action movie maker also allows adding text, color, size and position data and rotate and skew your clip in the timeline. In addition to the above features, it also has a feature to create DVD video out of any other format such as AVI, MPG etc.

Zipped file | files | movie | file | used} Movie folder tool – This is another useful tool for organizing movie clips. It is a zip file creation tool which helps to create movie folder from a series of files. You can compress the files using this zip file creator. It has zip compression algorithm based on the MP4 technology which compresses the files down to a considerable extent. MovieFone is an application used by Zipped file’s creator to decompress the Zip movie files.

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