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Reviews of the Lion King on Broadway

The musical cast of the Lion King on Broadway has just about been perfect. Aside from the lead role of the lion King himself, there are many other great actors playing other important characters in the show. This cast has brought the story to life. There is even more than one role for a single character this year!

disgraced on broadway

This has always been one of the most popular musicals ever staged in New York. It has entertained audiences since its first run over twenty years ago. And its popularity only continues to grow. You will see the same faces at the shows that you have seen hundreds of times. The same faces and the same songs have been brought back time and again to enchant those New Yorkers that make their way to Broadway for these magical productions.

Many of the other Broadway musicals you have seen before like Cats or It’s a Wonderful Life have a strong cast. However, what makes Cats a unique show is the revolving cast. Watching any show with this cast is like time traveling. Each member of the cast is given a chance to shine in front of the audience each night.

One of the more recent shows that has recently come to Broadway is What Happens in Vegas. This show is also by the same team of writers who created the hit musical Cats. This cast has a lot of talent, including the likes of Ian McShane, Joanna Macy, and Crystal meth. This show has gained quite a following and popularity in New York.

Next up on the slate is Lion King. This has become the second highest grossing show of all time at the box office. So, this must mean that the Lion King on Broadway is a huge hit. The cast has the likes of Eric Bogosian, John Lithgow, and Oprah Winfrey. If you want to be up front and honest, then you will admit that the Lion King on Broadway is a like a house of cards that will never fall down no matter how many times it gets flipped over.

Last but not least is the revival of Company. This musical about an all inclusive holiday resort was one of my very first shows when I was in high school. While it has many modern day additions to the play, it still retains the elements of the original. Like the Lion King, if you think you can handle the play, then you most likely will not have a problem following along to this production.

Most of the cast of the Lion King had larger roles in the film. However, what makes this cast so great is the fact that there are many newer, younger actors who have yet to catch on to the major parts. These actors include Donegal Mackler, Eiza Fisher, and Alyssa Milano. With the many amazing female stars, you will not regret watching the Lion King on Broadway.

So whether you enjoy musicals or comedies, there is a show that is perfect for you. Check out the list above and start browsing the New York theater listings. If you are looking for a specific play, you may have to do some searching to find it. There are many great places to see great plays. Take advantage of these opportunities and see your favorite plays.

In many ways, seeing a show after it has run on Broadway is a fun way to relive your favorite scene. You will be able to look back fondly on your experiences and laugh at some of the many lines. You can even share your favorites with family and friends, and they will be happy to help you share your thoughts.

As you look for an entertainment outlet to attend, make sure that you find one that offers a wide range of different genres and shows. It is much more fun to attend a theater that you love and that has something new to offer you. When you see a show that you have never been to, you will be glad that you did. Even if you have been to many Broadway shows before, visiting a new one is always exciting.

The cast of the Lion King deserves every bit of the positive attention that has been heaped upon them. While the critics have been harsh on certain aspects of the cast, the fans have been loving. They have given the cast and the director an honest amount of appreciation. Even during times when the play gets rocky, they are there to root for their favorite characters. This level of appreciation and support is rare when you attend Broadway shows.

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