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Solar Panel Shingles – Clean, Beautiful Power

When was the last time you thought your roof shingles could do anything more for you than keep the light and rain out of your house? It is time to open your mind to the possibilities of solar panel shingles. The only thing your roof looks at all day is the sun, so why not give it the ability to harness that power and transform it into clean, free energy for your home? Not only is the energy free, following the initial investment in tiles, you can benefit from tax incentives associated with generating your own power. The desire of many to lower their monthly utility bills is a huge drive for innovative solar power technology.

Solar panel shingles are the newest improvement to the long-established solar power industry. While a vast majority of homes still do not have solar energy panels, their popularity is growing as people allow themselves to break from the traditional idea of being stuck paying clean beauty electric bills for the rest of their lives. The solar panel shingles function much the same way standard solar panels do, which is by generating electricity when the rays of the sun hit the semiconductor layer of the shingle, typically constructed of silicon. An individual shingle does not produce a significant amount of power by itself, but install several hundred feet of tiles and you have a visually-pleasing way to produce energy for your entire home.

Solar panel shingles do not replace your existing tiles, so there is no ripping out of roofing to install these products. They fit seamlessly over your shingles and a trained roofer or electrician wires them all together into the electrical system of your home. The only drawbacks of solar shingles as opposed to solar panels is that they cost a bit extra for slightly less efficiency and it can never be a do-it-yourself installation. The aesthetic appeal is worth it to many people, though.

It is difficult to rationalize not making the switch to solar. It is not an all-or-nothing project, either – you can keep your ties to the utility grid intact even after going solar. In fact, often if you produce more energy than your home requires, you can sell it and turn your investment into a profitable experience. That combined with the tax credits and fact that your dependence on the grid is diminished if not eliminated leaves little room for dispute. More and more people are making the smart switch to solar panel shingles, and you can be next!

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