The Benefits of EPM


Episerver is a website development company providing full-service web content management (WCMS) (or Content Management System) (CMS). In September 2010, Episerver acquired Optimizely, an online software business that offers integrated digital marketing, ecommerce, and web content management. Optimizely boasts over 45 million clients worldwide. In December of the same year, Episerver changed their name to Episerver. In March of the following year, the company went public and listed on the NYSE.

How does episerver benefit your business? How can it help you improve your bottom line? The company states on their web site that one of the core functions of the company is “to deliver customized cloud solutions that offer personalization and influence, enhancing the consumer experience.” How do personalization and influence affect your customers? Well…they can always find their way back! This is what the cloud computing revolution is all about.

What kind of web content management system (WCM) do you currently have? If it’s not the latest and greatest from Google, Twitter, or another company that acquired it first, then you’re just another web content management company. Having a WCM system without the latest enhancements will drive customers to your competitor. When you were acquired by episerver, Optimizely was no exception.

So, what is the difference between these two businesses? Optimizely was a WYSIWYG web content management system application that included an HTML editor, a data base with user data, an optional CD-ROM, shopping carts, a calendar, an address list, and a blog. At the end of the day, episerver’s objective was to provide managed services that would drive more traffic to their website, resulting in more sales for the episerver company. Their ultimate goal was to provide their clients with personalized customer service that would completely change the way they function.

What does this have to do with episerver and cloud computing? The differences are subtle but important. EPM is an offshoot of the WYSIWYG web content management system. It’s a platform, which contains all of the necessary functionality to manage a business’ website. The episerver platform itself typically consists of:

The key features of a digital experience platform are: personalized services, instant access to any information, instant synchronization between all data sources, highly customisable user permissions, and the ability to update and change content whenever you want. These are the fundamental building blocks that create a highly effective and efficient content management system. The content management system also has the ability to update in real time, as well as schedule regular updates, allowing the business owner to customize the experience to their liking. The key features of episerver must support these functions in order to be successful.

What does this mean for the business owner? EPM allows you to use a third-party developer to integrate all of your systems together and provide you with a highly customizable, cost-effective and highly functional platform. With EPM, you get the advantages of a dedicated IT staff that can deal with your e-commerce needs, as well as the flexibility of hiring professionals who may specialize in your specific needs, while maintaining full control of your site at the same time. In the past, managing the content on a business website was difficult, because it required the expertise of many different people. Using third-party developers means you can take advantage of an easy application process that will enable you to bring the experts in your business together, allowing you to focus on your core business. Additionally, using an episerver helps you to quickly and easily update your content with new product information or simply with any information that is relevant to your business.

These are just a few of the key functionalities that define an episerver. They are an incredibly helpful and affordable way to create the digital experience platform your company deserves. By utilizing the benefits offered by episerver and integrating it into your existing website you can quickly and easily scale to multiple pages, offer mobile access, manage the back office and much more. While most businesses don’t realize how much functionalities an e-commerce platform can provide, when you look at the overall functionality and cost it makes sense for businesses to incorporate an e-commerce solution in their future.

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