The Deadliest Mistake You Can Make Buying Cars From Japan

Ooh! “Deadliest” – that sounds scary. Sounds like being bitten by a cobra while fleeing a tiger, and then plunging over the Niagra Falls to boot. An unlikely scenario, to be sure, but when it happens, the consequences are dire.

Make this mistake when you are buying cars from Japan and you can be sure it’s going to kill your car importing business. Not just lay it low for a week with flu. No, I really mean kill it. Stone. Cold. Dead.

So what is this killer error and, even more critically, how can you avoid it? First of all, a few things that aren’t deadly, but which can leave you stressed with your bank account bleeding cash.

Everything you read here is based on real stories from people licking their wounds after painful experiences buying from car exporters in Japan. Learn from them, or pay the same price.

Poor communication

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you want to keep your sanity then this is crucial. Think about it for a moment.

You send an email. You get no response. You send another email. Wait a day. Nothing. You look for autode kokkuost your contact on Skype, but he’s never online. Finally you stay up until midnight and place an expensive international call to Japan – only to find you can’t understand half his broken English.

This is not a good place to be in when you have thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars tied up in cars, or sitting in his bank account in Japan.

I would like to be able to tell you this is an unusual story, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Vague information

Remember you are buying a car that’s halfway around the world. It’s not like you can see it with your own eyes, or sit in it and run your hands over the steering wheel.

If your eyes cannot see and your hands cannot touch (and “buying by faith” isn’t your thing), then what you need is information. Cold, hard facts. Ideally, you want a third-party to give you an independent assessment of the car.

Once more, I hate to say it, but getting the information you need can be like getting blood from a stone. The worst place to be in is if you’re buying cars from an exporter’s stock. You’re totally at their mercy. They are both the seller and the person giving you advice. In fact, they’ve got a big incentive to keep their mouths shut about the very thing you really need to know – what’s wrong with the car!

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