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The Logistics Software – The Signs Your Business Needs One

For businesses that don’t have internal logistics experts and aren’t able to manage the logistics of the shipping process usually leads to hiring a third party logistic (3PL) provider which rarely results in a wide range of shipping options, yet is more expensive than implementing logistics software, also known as freight management software. It functions as a logistics specialist and lets companies choose the various shipping options that are recommended using an easy-to-use interface.¬†Although logistics solutions other than the freight management program aren’t necessarily bad, they are typically more costly and less comprehensive.¬†Here, we take a look at some indicators which suggest that your business might gain by switching to a logistics software solution.

I’m feeling disconnected from an 3PL Provider

The most common complaint from 3PL customers regarding doing business in conjunction with third party logistics providers is the lines of communication between the provider and the customer isn’t fluid. Although not having a conversational about business with your 3PL provider isn’t necessarily a signal that your process for shipping could be improved, it’s an indication of how 3PLs conduct business: staying in their place at the top of the logistics process by omitting details about logistics. If you’d really want to know what the 3PL provider isn’t telling you about the range of choices for shipping, then a logistics software program will give you the information you need.

Contracts with More Than one 3PL Service Provider

If you are on a tight budget or want to cut costs on logistics for shipping, you might have multiple agreements with standard 3PL service providers or service developers This means you do not have an integrated plan for your shipping processes. While specialized 3PLs that focus on service are able to meet your requirements to carriers’ needs, they do not combine carriers to provide better delivery times and lower shipping costs. With software for freight management you can have the chance to connect all methods of shipping (road rail air, sea and air) to speed up delivery and lower the cost of delivery.

Broken Freight at Arrival

Although it is rare to have broken freight, some businesses experience more damage than they ought to because they use carriers that aren’t built to handle the load. A key aspect of optimizing freight is making sure that the freight is correctly stacked and is shipped in conjunction with other kinds of freight (especially when using LTL shipping) which won’t cause harm. If you encounter broken freight frequently it’s likely that there’s an issue with the shipping process, which can easily be improved with the help of the software for managing freight.

Feeling that you have no control over the Shipping Methods You Use

Since shipping costs is among the largest expenses that shipping companies face Every shipper must be as in control of the shipping process as it is possible. When shippers sign contracts with 3PL providers, they lose control over the process of shipping and put themselves in a situation of being overcharged and not fully informed. Freight management software permits companies to be their own logistics service providers and regain control over their shipping processes and making savings while doing so.

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