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Trade Show Printing Tips

Trade show printing means more than just the show dailies provided by the organizer. Show dailies are a great way to reach crowds, but too many exhibitors rely solely on what is provided by convention organizers and forget to explore further options in trade show printing.

Exhibitors need to do more if they want to continue to have an impact after the convention has ended. For trend-based conventions, especially CES Las Vegas and fashion, it is essential that exhibitors think of better ways to promote their products.
Brochures and Catalogs

Glossy, full color brochures and catalogs are a must-have for companies hoping to sell products after convention attendees go home and get back to work. Catalogs are great reminders and they are also a good way to showcase materials that exhibitors were unable to bring to the convention.

Companies that plan on exhibiting at multiple trade shows throughout the year should consider the benefits of digital variable printing to produce catalogs that are unique to each trade show. These catalogs can contain industry-specific items as well as discount codes that apply only to that convention.

For example, a company planning to attend multiple food trade shows will need to appeal to different customers depending on the type of show. While exhibiting at the Nightclub and Bar convention, the savvy exhibitors can print a catalog that features items that apply only to mixologists, bartenders, and bar owners.

But for something like the International Pizza Expo, the same exhibitor can produce catalogs that list products that are specific to food instead of beverages.

Information Gathering Before, During, and After The Show

Just as attendees are there to gather information about the best products, exhibitors need to collect information on the best potential customers.

It’s fairly standard for companies to take information in exchange for giveaways or raffle entries. But that tactic may not work for Las Vegas conventions in 2011. Too many Food trading trade show attendees will have separate “junk” email addresses that they will use just to get any freebies. Because of this, a large percentage of leads will be useless.

To combat this, exhibitors need to go through at least two phases of information gathering. Before the trade show begins, companies should first contact previous leads and give them incentives, like discounts or coupons, to encourage booth visits and presentation attendance. These communications should contain literature that is branded with the same logos that will be used at the convention.

During the actual trade show, exhibitors should then take extra steps to collect additional information, including the specific needs and interests of their booth visitors. The best way to do this is through custom forms or interest cards that have been pre-printed before the start of the show.

Once the show is over, exhibitors should then use their custom interest forms and work with a trade show printing company that specializes in variable printing and direct mail campaigns. This way, each group of customers with specific needs can receive information packets that have relevant information.

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