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Trees: Their Symbolism and Healing Energy

The tree has long been a symbol of a multi-dimensional world in Shamanism.

Native Americans call trees “The Standing People.¬†Although they aren’t mobile, trees are conscious and alive, being rooted in their surroundings.¬†They are considered to be an interconnection to Heaven as well as Earth and are considered to be guardians of the natural environment Home About Contact Services.

Celtic Shamanism is based on the idea that of”the Tree of Life, the “Axis Mundi” as a connecting connection between the different worlds. The roots represent the Lower World which is our subconscious mind , or “The Place of Empowerment”. The roots are rooted in the earth and have access to the most profound levels of our unconscious mind, where the potential is. The leaves and branches represent that of the Upper World, the super-conscious mind, or the “Place for Creativity”. The tree’s trunk symbolizes what is known as the Middle World, “Ordinary Time” The conscious mind, and the “Place of manifestation”. This is where the potential is met with creativity, and dreams are realized in the daily ordinary world.

Energy and trees

The importance of trees to the health of our ecosystem is evident in the present day world. A lot of people believe that trees protect the ecosystem. Their roots hold the soil and prevent the occurrence of landslides. The leaves and branches create an overhanging canopy over rivers, cooling the water down to an acceptable degree for fishing. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and also the nutrients that come from the earth and sun’s energy to create oxygen. This makes the earth’s atmosphere more able to sustain healthy living.

In Oregon State, ongoing studies in phytoremediation (‘phyto’=plant and ‘remediation=to correct a fault, pronounced fi-to-re-mee-dee-a-shun), have shown that poplar trees are capable of removing dangerous chemicals from the soil. Through this process, toxic chemicals get absorbed into the root system, and modified to release them in an unharmful form by the leaf. Once the poplars reach their maximum growth and are cut down, they can be used for paper. This means that the energy from trees is helping to create a cleaner, healthier environment , and is an energy source that is renewable to help support industry.

Energy of the tree and Celtic Reiki

The idea of energy from trees is utilized to aid in Celtic Reiki to promote healing and to gently bring about change in our daily lives.

Reiki, “universal life energy” is a type of energy healing that is recognized for its capacity to work efficiently on all levels and help promote wellness on all levels. It is a powerful and healing method that energizes and reduces stress and can be used in conjunction with other treatments for health.

A variant that is a variation of Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki utilizes the energy of the Earth as well as specific plants and trees to create an atmosphere that promotes healing and positive change. Therefore, the Celtic Reiki is an earth-energy Reiki that is channeled through the Base chakra.

The Celtic Reiki energy flows through three attunements. The attunements work with changes in the body’s energy flow as well as healing and Celtic wisdom. The outcomes of the attunement process will be a lifetime benefit. They connect you to the earth and plant energy that cannot be lost. It is always available to help bring about positive changes.

Let’s step back in time to gain an historical perspective on the evolution of Celtic Reiki. In the cold winter days at the end of the 20th century, Martyn Pentecost was a Reiki Master/Teacher from Croydon, U.K. began an ongoing journey of discovery. According to his words, “…having studied various types of Reiki for a long time I was compelled to connect with the natural world. When I channeled Reiki to assist animals, trees, plants and rivers, lakes, the oceans, and even the earth, I discovered that all things have an individual vibration. Each kind of rock, every stream, and every kind of flower has its own distinct energy. I could sometimes get lost completely in this sound and sometimes get so lost that I could imitate the energy of Reiki self-treatments.”

When I was in Wales “…I found an enormous Silver Fir tree that had been divided in two by an incident of lightning. One of the branches was planted upright and producing healthy flows of sap to repair itself. The other half lay on the ground and was dying. When I approached the trees, I was able to feel the huge loss that was felt by the upright portion and the urgency of the half that was falling, that was totally separated from the standing portion.” He began to send Reiki to the standing portion of the tree however, he felt resistance and directed the energy towards the falling half. When he did this, “I felt a transfer of energy. When the Reiki was absorbed by my hands I felt a vibrating sensation through my body. This was different from anything I’ve previously experienced – it was the very essence tree’s wisdom and power, it’s energy, and its unconditional love. I was then guided to offer that energy over to the standing portion of the tree. I did.”

In the course of two years, Pentecost studied a variety of species of plants and trees native in the United Kingdom. To try to remember and understand the distinct energies that are transmitted by various species, Pentecost turned to the old Ogham Celtic alphabet. He also assigned each plant a symbol, which is common in Reiki and other forms energies.

In conclusion

Trees have served as powerful symbol of longevity and unshakeable stability in many civilizations throughout time. They, as well as various other minerals, plants, and even the earth itself emit distinct energy vibrations. They can be channeled and focused by Celtic Reiki to create an energy that increases the body’s ability to accept physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The trees nurture the earth and enhance our lives through their presence and energy.

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