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What Is The Best Archive Storage Option?

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Oracle Enterprise Archive Storage provides many value-added solutions for information and document preservation. Archive storage allows users to control access to electronic or physical data and can be used to create controlled access to physical and electronic data. This type of data archive storage is different from conventional tape backup software that functions only as a back up method. Archive storage is more comprehensive and offers multiple benefits. This is achieved by supporting data protection through control of access, versioning, accountability, compliance, and audit capabilities.

Oracle Enterprise Archive Storage comes with four main components: Enterprise Manager, Archive Manager, Data Archiving, and Archive Protection. The following figure portrays the key features of these components in a simple manner. Basically, an organization will use one of these four components when they are planning for archive storage. There are basically three types of archive storage systems:

Oracle Enterprise Manager: The Enterprise Manager serves as a central data repository where all the software installed in the organization is installed. This is the first component of the archiving system. The Enterprise Manager will control access to the archive storage, manage backups, provide versioning, and create auditing controls. When a backup is already occurring, the data archiving manager can restore a snapshot of the system state. The cloud-based storage account will be synchronized with the primary archive storage to deliver read/write capacity.

Archive Storage: In order to determine the amount of data archive storage required, it is important to determine the average capacity of the system. The archived data can be stored in a number of ways, such as on servers, on customers’ premises, or in the company’s own servers. If data archiving is to be used for compliance purposes, it must comply with the regulations specified by Federal, state, and local laws. This is to ensure compliance with both federal and state laws and to improve the lifecycle management of the company’s archive storage system.

Two types of archive storage are available in an organization – archive tier and archive storage management. Archive tier storage is used to archive records that are rarely accessed and heavily rely on metadata to determine accessibility. Archive tier storage facility stores archive records electronically in the cloud or on the network. Medium-sized archive storage facilities are used to retain records in digital form. Medium archive storage facilities retain the records in paper format while indexing them to create standard databases. Large archive storage facilities retain all media materials and may also store operational software and hardware for maintenance purposes.

The choice between on-premises storage systems and cloud storage depends on compliance requirements. For example, companies with more comprehensive compliance requirements may choose to utilize on-premises storage systems. Companies with fewer requirements for archive storage may choose to use cloud storage. Companies that require minimal access and maintenance may also benefit from using an on-premises storage system. The cost savings of using an on-premise storage system may outweigh the cost of purchasing additional cloud storage options.

Before a company makes the decision to utilize an on-premise or cloud storage solution, a comprehensive cost analysis must be conducted to determine the total storage costs over the course of a year. Every aspect of the storage needs to be assessed including service level agreements, security costs, recovery costs, and any special conditions associated with the usage of the service. Once all the data storage costs have been determined, the best option can be chosen. The best way to determine the appropriate solution is to assess the current practices and procedures in your organization. Based on this analysis, the storage option that offers the most efficient archive storage services can be selected.

In many instances, the archiving solution provided by cloud service providers is superior to on-premised archive storage systems. The main advantage of cloud computing solutions is their ability to use the latest technology to provide superior performance and efficiency. The data archiving system provided by on-premise suppliers often does not contain the latest technology available to meet your specific storage requirements. When evaluating archive storage systems for your organization, you should include the cost of upgrades in the overall cost of ownership.

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