What Is the Best Electric Skateboard for Your Budget?

The average cost of an electric skateboard starts anywhere from $200 to around several thousand dollars. More popular e-skateboard brands cost around $400 to $2000. Prices vary depending on the type of motor, wheel, battery size, truck and deck. The brand name of the e-skateboard also affects the overall price of the device.

So which type of skateboard fits well to your budget?

Best Electric Boards Brands and Prices
Phoenic Ryders Dragonfly Cruiser E-Board – $360.00

Meepo Mini2 Electric Skateboard 32″ Standard Range – $449

Meepo Mini2 Electric Skateboard 32″ Extended Range – $599

AEBOARD G5 (STREET) Single SM 4.0AH Battery – $299.99

AEBOARD AE3 (STREET) Single 10S3P Battery Cells – $439.99

Phoenix Ryders Mini Longboard Plus – $530.00

Halo Board Beast – $1,297.00

Carbon GTR 2in1 Carbon Fiber Deck- $2,149.00

What Makes an Electric Skateboard Expensive
E-skateboards can be quite expensive. The electric components of the e-board make them expensive. The battery and the electric motor are the two most expensive components of the electric skateboard. The li-on battery alone already costs around $150 to $500 a piece. The electric motor costs from $50 to $300. That amount alone adds up to the high price tag attached to most electric skateboards.

The remote control, ESC receiver and computing unit and the wiring also adds up to the total cost of the e-skateboard. The production itself is also costly because there are no huge manufacturing factories available yet to manufacture the device in bulk. With a high demand for the product and not so many brands offering e-skateboards, the law of supply and demand dictates the price of the device to be higher.

Picking the Best Electric Longboard Based on Price

Buying your first electric keyboard is quite exciting, but will most likely do a dent on your budget. Making a good purchase depends on your due diligence in finding the best electric longboard. If you are looking to buy a more affordably tagged e-skateboard, you still have to look into that overall quality of your skateboard to make the most out of your purchase.

Look for a Product Warranty

Electric skateboards are often exposed to a lot of wear and tear especially if they are regularly used as a mode of transportation. Used in high speeds, they can endure several bumps and crashes along the way. The more affordable your electric skateboard is, the most likely it will be prone to strain more than the higher priced ones.

It is in your best interest to go for a unit that includes a comprehensive warranty. Take electric skateboard, time to read the warranties available with your purchase to see the types of issues and damages that are covered in the warranty.You’ll get the most out of your purchase, no matter how expensive or affordable it may be with a warranty.

Range and Battery Capacity

If you are planning to buy a cheaper e-skateboard, determine if it fits your needs. The maximum speed and the battery life are two factors that should suit your needs, especially if you are going to use it as a replacement for your regular transportation options. It should be able to provide enough power and speed needed for your commute. Never settle for an affordable electric skateboard just because it is within your budget. It should be able to meet your needs too.

Quality Materials

Go for e-boards that are made of quality materials. There are still plenty of affordable electric boards that fall on the more affordable price range that are made up of sturdy, durable and lasting materials.

Always check the quality of the electrical kit included in your e-board. It should work properly because this is the main control that tells your boards to move, accelerate and to stop. Poorly manufactured electrical and control Wi-Fi systems can cause accidents and put the rider at risk.

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