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Why It’s Safe to Play Online Poker

If you have never played online poker in the past or you’re a new player then often one misconception you might have about online poker is whether or not it’s safe for players to play  Poker88. A lot of players believe at one point in time or another that online poker is fixed and this often happens after experiencing a bad beat. You need to keep in mind though that if you play poker in a land based casino you’re still going to experience bad beats.

Every online poker website uses a third party software provider and these providers take care of all of the backend features of the website. These software providers have no reason to fix results because they would have no gain from doing so as they make their money no matter what.

The poker room itself also has no reason at all to fix the results when you’re playing because they make their money no matter who wins the hand. The poker websites take a rake from every hand and every tournament that is played so they have nothing to gain from fixing results.

Poker websites are also constantly being audited by third party companies to ensure that everything is working and everything is fair for the players. If anything were to ever show up as not being fair for the players then the poker room’s software license would be revoked and they wouldn’t be able to operate anymore. Poker rooms are in the business of making bank off of the rake and in order to not ruin that they comply with very strict rules and regulations.

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